Franchise Forms and Contract List

Accounting procedures

Accounting procedures-weekly

Maintaining designated address

Agreement of exclusive area of distribution

Assignment of franchise

Assignment or transfer restrictions

Available assistance provided franchisee

Available assistance for franchisee

Book and record inspection

Agreement to pay charge of service

Close out sale of trademark product

Compensation form

Conditions of passing training program

Continual support of franchisee by franchiser

Contracts between franchisees and subfranchisees

Corporation assignment [corporation officer]

Corporation assignment [transfer of rights]

Franchisee corporate reorganisation

Training course attendees and attendance agreement

Special programs--employment of credit cards programs

Death of franchisee and transfer of agreement

Agreement of franchisee's continuing education program

Agreement of employee training

Agreement of exclusivity of territory

Agreement of further training of employees or franchiser

Property lease and facility

Agreement of fees and royalties

Agreement of promotion fees

Agreement of franchisee's first refusal right-new franchises

Food products license agreement

Agreement--sale of franchisor's products--use of trademark

Agreement for grand opening promotion

Nontransfer of grant

License grant--territory protection

Franchisees inability to perform due to poor health

Agreement for health inspection

Franchiser indemnification

Agreement of inspection by authorised agents

Agreement of inspection of premise by franchiser

Contract inspection by franchisee

Franchise inspections

Intent to form corporation by franchisee

Labelling of unauthorised products

Insurance of liability

License grant

Location franchiser--sublease franchisee agreement

Franchiser's consent to use additional logos

Terms and conditions [unauthorised usage of logos]

Agreement to supply training manuals

Agreement to supply special manuals for training

Agreement to attend franchise meetings and seminars

Agreement of miscellaneous products to be purchased

Agreement to provide monthly reporting to franchiser

Corporation name of franchise operation

Network of franchiser

Agreement of non-obligations

Non-compete agreement

Confidentiality agreement [specific information]

Confidentiality agreement [foods, menus, recipes]

Ordering [specific order form and requirements]

Termination of agreement without penalties

Performance regulations

Agreement of personal management of franchisee

Agreement of population dependent exclusivity

Location premise lease

Preopening requirements

Agreement to use only authorised products

Agreement of name and product protection

Agreement of purchase of specific products

Purchase of nonspecific food products

Agreement of special events and promotions

Agreement of rights to hold special promotional campaigns

Protection of trademark

Trademark protection and costs

First right of refusal for reassignment

Agreement of renewal terms

Agreement of franchisee to supply quarterly reports

Termination restrictions

Restrictions of trademark usage

Franchisee's right to form corporation


Record of bill of sale

Product confidentiality

Agreement of requirements of employee standards

Standard operational procedures

Premise standard

Representation of statements

License grant-sub franchise right

Purchasing specific supplies from franchiser

Continual support of franchise by franchiser [marketing]

Suspending use of non qualified supplies

Additional symbols to be used

Temporary management of franchise by franchiser

Termination due to condemnation of property

Non-notification of termination

Contract termination

Termination rights

Termination procedures

Trademark requirements for usage [advertising]

Trademark requirements for usage [wording of trademark]

Purchase of trademark supplies

Trademark protection upon securing contract

Franchisee employee training programs

Training [requirement of attendance]

Completion of training

Franchisee's training program

Assignment and transfer restrictions

Agreement of marketing trusts fund and usage

Unit quantity

Franchise systems updates

Unauthorised assignment to void contract

Letter seeking purchase of specific franchise

Notice of intention to sell franchise


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