Company Forms and Contract List

Form001 -- Accountant's Audit Engagement Letter

Form002 -- Adendum To Contract

Form003 -- Affidavit For Lost/Stolen Share Certificate

Form004 -- Affidavit Of Title--company

Form005 -- Agreement To Organise Company

Form006 -- Agreement To Redeem Shares On Shareholders Death

Form007 -- Appointment Of Company As Trustee

Form008 -- Appointment Of Proxy

Form009 -- Application To Reserve A Company Name

Form010 -- Articles Of Dissolution Prior To Issuance Of Shares

Form011 -- Articles Of Association Of Company

Form012 -- Articles Of Association [general]

Form013 -- Assignment Of Contract

Form014 -- Bill Of Sale Of Property [by Company To Company]

Form015 -- Buy-sell Agreement Between Shareholders

Form016 -- Buy-sell On Shareholders Death

Form017 -- Buy-sell Agreement On Employment Termination

Form018 -- Bylaw--indemnification Of Officers And Directors

Form019 -- Bylaw--transactions With Interested Directors

Form020 -- Certificate Of Adendment--articles Of Association

Form021 -- Certificate Of Company Vote

Form022 -- Certification Of Incorporation Of Company

Form023 -- Common Stock--more Than One Vote Per Share

Form024 -- Comprehensive Purposes And Powers Provision

Form025 -- Confidentiality Contract

Form026 -- Consent Of Shareholders--action Without Meeting

Form027 -- Demand For Inspection Of Company Booksandrecords

Form028 -- Directors Report

Form029 -- Directors Declaration

Form030 -- Directors Special Report

Form031 -- Employment Contract

Form032 -- Enduring Power Of Attorney

Form033 -- Establishment Of A Company Trust

Form034 -- Execution Of Lease

Form035 -- Expense Reimbursement Contract

Form036 -- General Affidavit

Form037 -- General Contract

Form038 -- General Power Of Attorney

Form039 -- Independent Contractor Agreement--with Company

Form040 -- Irrevocable Proxy

Form041 -- Limited Power Of Attorney

Form042 -- Minutes Of Annual General Meeting

Form043 -- Minutes Of The Meeting: [small Company]

Form044 -- Minutes Of The Meeting: Officer Changes

Form045 -- Minutes Of The Meeting: Board Of Directors

Form046 -- Minutes Of The Meeting: Director's Meeting

Form047 -- Minutes Of The Meeting: First Directors Meeting

Form048 -- Minutes Of The Meeting: Meeting Of Shareholders

Form049 -- Minutes Of The Meeting: Interim Dividend

Form050 -- Minutes Of The Meeting: Regular Board Meeting

Form051 -- Minutes Of The Meeting: Resignation Of Director

Form052 -- Model Bylaws Of Nonshare Or Share Cooperative

Form053 -- Model Bylaws Of Company

Form054 -- Model Bylaws Of Share Company

Form055 -- Model Proxy

Form056 -- Notice Of Annual Meeting

Form057 -- Notice Of Directors Meeting

Form058 -- Notice Of Annual Meeting Of Shareholders

Form059 -- Notice Of Organisational Meeting Of Directors

Form060 -- Notice Of Special Meeting Of Board Of Directors

Form061 -- Notice Of Special Meeting Of Directors

Form062 -- Notice Of Special Meeting Of Shareholders

Form063 -- Offer To Purchase Shares

Form064 -- Power Of Attorney--indorse Negotiable Instruments

Form065 -- Preferredandcommon Shares--dividendandliquidation

Form066 -- Pre-incorporation Agreement

Form067 -- Promissory Note

Form068 -- Proxy

Form069 -- Ratification Of Minutes Of Meeting [minutes Read]

Form070 -- Resignation Of Director

Form071 -- Resignation Of Officer

Form072 -- Retainer Agreement--accountant

Form073 -- Revocable Proxy

Form074 -- Revocation Of An Enduring Power Of Attorney

Form075 -- Revocation Of Power Of Attorney

Form076 -- Sale Of Business By Transfer Of Capital Shares

Form077 -- Share Purchase Agreement

Form078 -- Share Transfer Agreement

Form079 -- Shareholders Agreement

Form080 -- Shareholders Buy-sell Agreement

Form081 -- Shareholders Redemption Agreement

Form082 -- Shareholders Voting Agreement

Form083 -- Special Meeting Waiver Of Notice

Form084 -- Special Power Of Attorney

Form085 -- Statutory Declaration

Form086 -- Share Certificate

Form087 -- Share Proxy

Form088 -- Share Transfer Restrictions

Form089 -- Subscription To Company Shares

Form090 -- Time (payment) Note

Form091 -- Trustee's Certificate Of Shares

Form092 -- Unlimited Power Of Attorney

Form093 -- Voting Trust Agreement

Form094 -- Voting Trust Agreement And Certificate

Form095 -- Waiver Of Notice Of Annual Meeting

Form096 -- Waiver Of Notice--annual Shareholders Meeting

Form097 -- Waiver Of Notice--board Of Directors Meeting

Form098 -- Waiver Of Notice--meeting Of Shareholders

Form099 -- Waiver Of Notice--directors Meeting

Form100 -- Waiver Of Notice--shareholders Meeting

----- Company Directors And Shareholders Resolutions

Form101 -- Accept Director's Resignation

Form102 -- Acceptance Of Offer To Purchase Shares

Form103 -- Acquire Assets Of Business

Form104 -- Acquire Shares Of Stock

Form105 -- Adjustment After Reappraisal Of Assets

Form106 -- Adopt A Severance Benefit Plan

Form107 -- Adopt Amendment--articles Of Association

Form108 -- Adopt Cafeteria Plan Of Benefits

Form109 -- Adopt Employee Benefit Plan

Form110 -- Adopt Employee Welfare Plan

Form111 -- Adopt Official Company Seal

Form112 -- Adopt Trade Name

Form113 -- Adopt Wage Continuation Plan

Form114 -- Adopting Employees Welfare Plan

Form115 -- Adopting Share Option Plan

Form116 -- Adoption Group Life Insurance Plan

Form117 -- Adoption Of Financial Counseling Plan

Form118 -- Adoption Of Group Legal Services Plan

Form119 -- Adoption Of Profit-sharing Plan

Form120 -- Advising Approval Of Merger

Form121 -- Advising Filing Of Bankruptcy

Form122 -- Amend Articles Of Incorporation

Form123 -- Amend Bylaws [small Company]

Form124 -- Amendment Of Bylaws

Form125 -- Amendment To Articles Of Association

Form126 -- Appoint A Purchasing Agent

Form127 -- Appoint Appraiserandappraise Assets

Form128 -- Appointment Of Solicitors

Form129 -- Approve Cash Bonus

Form130 -- Approve Employee Loan Program

Form131 -- Approve Employee Scholarship Benefits

Form132 -- Approve Group Legal Benefits

Form133 -- Approve Qualified Share Option

Form134 -- Approval Of Benefit Plan

Form135 -- Approval Of Loan To Pay Dividend

Form136 -- Approval Of Merger--wholly Owned Subsidiary

Form137 -- Approval Of Profit Sharing Plan

Form138 -- Approval Of Sale Of Company Assets

Form139 -- Approval Of Life Insurance Benefits

Form140 -- Approval Of Share Bonus To Directors

Form141 -- Approval Share Option Plan

Form142 -- Approving Credit Line--board Of Directors

Form143 -- Approving Loans To Officers / Employees

Form144 -- Assets Purchase--shareholders Resolution

Form145 -- Assign Lease

Form146 -- At-home Entertainment Allowance

Form147 -- Authorise Additional Cash Dividend

Form148 -- Authorise Appointment Of Director/Officer

Form149 -- Authorise Borrowing On Line Of Credit

Form150 -- Authorise Contract

Form151 -- Authorise Charge Account

Form152 -- Authorise Christmas Bonuses

Form153 -- Authorise Country Club Membership

Form154 -- Authorise Directors Compensation

Form155 -- Authorise Franchise Agreement

Form156 -- Authorise Group Medical/Dental Benefits

Form157 -- Authorise Leave Of Absence

Form158 -- Authorise Raise

Form159 -- Authorise Repayment Plan

Form160 -- Authorise Sale/Leaseback

Form161 -- Authorising Adoption Of Wage Plan

Form162 -- Authorising Solicitors To Defend Company

Form163 -- Authorising Borrowing Of Money

Form164 -- Authorising Educational Loan Plan

Form165 -- Authorising Execution Of Guaranty Contract

Form166 -- Authorising Issuance Of Shares For Property

Form167 -- Authorising Issuance Of Shares For Services

Form168 -- Authorising Loans To Directors/Employees

Form169 -- Authorising Loan To Pay Dividend

Form170 -- Authorising Mortgage Of Company Property

Form171 -- Authorisation Of Employee Medical/Dental Plan

Form172 -- Authorisation Of Litigation--board Of Directors

Form173 -- Authorisation Of Scholarship Aid Program

Form174 -- Authorisation Managing Directors Expense Account

Form175 -- Authorising Purchase Of Property

Form176 -- Authorsing Rental Of Property

Form177 -- Authorising Sale Of Company Assets

Form178 -- Authority To Negotiate Contract

Form179 -- Authority To Sign Negotiable Instruments

Form180 -- Blanket Authority To Sell Assets

Form181 -- Blanket Authority To Sell Property

Form182 -- Bonus To Be Paid In Shares

Form183 -- Borrow Against Accounts Receivable

Form184 -- Borrow Capital

Form185 -- Borrow From Designated Bank

Form186 -- Borrow On Inventory And Equipment

Form187 -- Call Shareholders Meeting

Form188 -- Cash Payment In Lieu Of Fractional Shares

Form189 -- Certificate Of Company Resolution

Form190 -- Change Company Address

Form191 -- Change Company Name

Form192 -- Change Date Of Annual Meeting

Form193 -- Charge Amount Of Authorised Shares

Form194 -- Changing Officers Salaries

Form195 -- Christmas Bonus For Employees

Form196 -- Club Membership--board Of Directors

Form197 -- Company Car--board Of Directors

Form198 -- Company Resolution To Amend Bylaws

Form199 -- Company Resolution To Borrow From Bank

Form200 -- Company Resolution To Open Bank Acconut

Form201 -- Commence Litigation

Form202 -- Conversion Of Excess Depreciation--surplus

Form203 -- Declaring A Cash Dividend

Form204 -- Declaring A Dividend In Kind

Form205 -- Declaring A Share Dividend [small Company]

Form206 -- Declare An Extra Dividend [small Company]

Form207 -- Declaring A Regular Dividend

Form208 -- Declaring An Extra Dividend

Form209 -- Declaring Share Dividend

Form210 -- Defend Suit

Form211 -- Designating A Purchasing Agent

Form212 -- Dissolve Company--shareholder Approval

Form213 -- Distribution Of Proceeds--sale Of Assets

Form214 -- Engaging A New Accountant

Form215 -- Exercise Option To Extend Lease

Form216 -- Factor Accounts Receivable

Form217 -- File For Receivership

Form218 -- Fill Vacancy On Board [temporary Position]

Form219 -- Filling Vacancy On Board

Form220 -- Financial Counseling Plan

Form221 -- Fix Salary

Form222 -- Fixing Attendance Fees For Directors

Form223 -- For Sale And Leaseback Of Real Estate

Form224 -- Grant Mortgage/Security Interest

Form225 -- Indemnify And Save Harmless

Form226 -- Increasing Capital Shares

Form227 -- Issue Guarantee

Form228 -- Issue Option To Buy Shares

Form229 -- Issue Release

Form230 -- Lease Equipment

Form231 -- Lease Motor Vehicles

Form232 -- Lease Premises

Form233 -- Leasing Company Officess

Form234 -- Loan Funds

Form235 -- Low-interest Loan--board Of Directors

Form236 -- Make Assignment--benefit Of Creditors

Form237 -- Make Charitable Contribution

Form238 -- Merchandise Discount Program

Form239 -- Modify Officer Salaries

Form240 -- Negotiate Contract

Form241 -- Notice Of Share Dividend

Form242 -- Obtain Company Charge Card

Form243 -- Obtain Federal/State License

Form244 -- Obtain Trademark

Form245 -- Officers Bonus At Stated Amount

Form246 -- Open Bank Cheque Accounts

Form247 -- Pay Officer Bonuses

Form248 -- Performance Bonus--board Of Directors

Form249 -- Providing Retention--accumulated Earnings

Form250 -- Purchase Boat

Form251 -- Purchase Equipment

Form252 -- Purchase Of Private Club Membership

Form253 -- Purchase Of Real Estate [investment]

Form254 -- Purchase Motor Vehicle

Form255 -- Purchase Real Estate For Company Business

Form256 -- Qualify As A Foreign Company

Form257 -- Ratify Acts

Form258 -- Reimburse Lender

Form259 -- Reimbursement To Officer

Form260 -- Relocation Allowance

Form261 -- Retain Accountant

Form262 -- Retain Solicitor

Form263 -- Retain Business Broker

Form264 -- Retain Business Consultant

Form265 -- Retain Earnings

Form266 -- Remove An Officer Or Director

Form267 -- Repay Excess Compensation

Form268 -- Reappraisal Of Assets

Form269 -- Salary Declared Unreasonable

Form270 -- Salary Termination Of Officers

Form271 -- Sell Assets Subject To Approval

Form272 -- Sell Business Assets

Form273 -- Sell Company Shares

Form274 -- Sell Company Equipment

Form275 -- Sell Company Motor Vehicle

Form276 -- Sell Company Owned Real Estate

Form277 -- Settle Litigation

Form278 -- Setting Bonus Based On Net Profits

Form279 -- Setting Salary Of Director

Form280 -- Shareholders Resolution--superannuation Plan

Form281 -- Shareholders Resolution--allocate Profits

Form282 -- Shareholders Resolution--approve Cessation

Form283 -- Shareholders Resolution--approve Share Option

Form284 -- Shareholders Resolution--borrow Money

Form285 -- Shareholders Resolution--borrow Against Realty

Form286 -- Shareholders Resolution--child Care Plan

Form287 -- Shareholders Resolution--special Allowance

Form288 -- Skip A Dividend [common Shares Of Company]

Form289 -- Special Meeting To Appoint Auditors

Form290 -- Special Meeting To Elect Directors

Form291 -- Special Resolution--reappraisal Of Assets

Form292 -- Special Shareholders Meeting

Form293 -- Stating Company's Dividend Policy

Form294 -- Share Bonus For Officers

Form295 -- Sublet Space

Form296 -- Terminate Contract

Form297 -- Terminate Employee

Form298 -- Terminate Foreign Company Status

Form299 -- Terminate Lease

Form300 -- Terminate Officer Salaries

Form301 -- Waive Restrictions On Transfer


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